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Author Topic: Want to trade Aerolux non-flowers for Aerolux flowers, Kokka or Balafire  (Read 21809 times)

Offline Jonas Clark

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I've been idly collecting these types for a while, though my budget is never high. Recently, I found a big box full of old table lamp sockets, support stems, etc. in the local salvage store. Some wood painted black, a black steel bookshelf from a thrift store, and about four hours of wiring, and I have a bulb display; room for eight on the bottom tier, and ten on the top. I've filled the bottom with Aerolux (well, Aerolux and one 90s copy) and the top has five vintage Kyp-Go Balafires and Gas-Glo and two of the external-magnet knockoffs.

I'd like to fill the top, but I'd REALLY like to trade and change the bottom. It currently has:
H-19 pink I Love You Flowers, H-19 violet Sunflowers (1990s knockoff), A-19 Bird-Bouquet/Bird Of Paradise (1971 IMS Corp rebrand), A-19 pink Tulips, and four non-flowers. I really want it to be entirely Electric Flowers. So I have some things to offer in trade...

I have:
-- Bird Of Paradise/Bird & Bouquet (swooping bird, four-petal and tulip flowers, purple with green leaves) Bulb works, not all parts light at first but will if given a few minutes. Tips of two of the seven leaves have lost the green glow and are purple, and there's a darkened spot on the glass over one flower. Has "1971 IMS Corp. Albequerque NM" clear sticker.
-- Love Daisy - Another IMS-rebranded Aerolux. Pink ruffled heart, cut-out center with cursive "Love", six-petal flower above (glows pink with pink-backed green flower). Works well, "Love" section is a bit dim in few small spots but does glow.
-- Shriners emblem (pink glow) Works beautifully, base has been glued back on after getting loose so be gentle.
-- Order of the Eastern Star emblem (also pink). Works beautifully.

I'd like to trade one-for-one for Aerolux flowers of any vintage right up to the Duro-Test era, if anyone will take that. I have room for two A-19s and two T-10 bulbs. Ideally I'd love to find four different flowers I don't have, and my big dream with this display is two get two pink (one A and one T) and two violet (one A and one T), all different flowers: Field Flowers or Large Field Flowers, Cosmos, Forget-Me-Not, Calla Lily, Irises, Roses. Eventually I may add more sockets (probably 3) down front, to add more bulbs, and those could be T, A or H, but would likely end up being my A-19 Crucifix, A-19 Ram-Over-Fence, and something else non-flower. Would also love to find any shape Aerolux Kerosene Flame.

I also have two 1990s bulbs available: A pink ruffled heart with a female shilouette face, with "LOVE" in green over it, and a green Christmas tree with a pink outline/ornament balls and pink "Merry Xmas" on a triangular bar in front. Both slightly faded greens, as these tended to have, but the green and pink do glow.

Also interested in trading for Kokka-Hana-Denkyu bulbs, working, and for Balafire, Gas-Glo and knockoffs like the Abco external-magnet tube bulbs and the magnet-on-ring H-bulbs. The upper display has room for three more bulbs, and eventually I hope to populate it with a few vintage Kyp-Go radiometers as well.

Attached: the display as it stands. I would also consider trading the T-9 Elephant (pink) shown. Keeping the Crucifix, the Ram-Over-Fence, and I just can't bear to trade the Terrier (it was missing the painted apron/skirt, so I masked all but an arch-topped front section and sandblasted it, on the one occasion that I had access to a sandblaster).

Update: I have a few more, though I'm not sure anyone wants these. I'd trade all of these together for a working A or T flower bulb I don't have, if anyone wanted them for some reason:
-- T-10 Large Field Flower, pink/green. Green is faded, flowers light except for two petals of larger one, can be viewed from above but has thick band of darkening all around outside by flowers. Spring leaf under base contact missing.
-- Same as above, small amount of blackening in front of smaller flower. Works, but 90% of larger flower does not light. Spring leaf on base intact. Tips of a few leaves glow pink instead of green.
-- T-10 Roses, pink. Spring leaf intact, only one dot on flower and bud glow.
-- A-19 Roses, pink. Same, only one tiny spot lights.
-- AR-1 type S-bulb. Glows beautiful purple all over, sides of envelope are quite black but filament glows well.
-- AR-1, still has vacuum/gas fill (will glow if touched to lightning sphere) but does not light. Lots of blackening on glass.
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Offline debook

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Re: Want to trade Aerolux non-flowers for Aerolux flowers, Kokka or Balafire
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2012, 03:30:01 pm »
Any progress?
Frank Andrews