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Author Topic: the Lights Are On!  (Read 13154 times)

Offline Chris W. Millinship

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the Lights Are On!
« on: December 06, 2002, 01:10:00 pm »
Just a few minutes ago, my 2002 Lights Display was switched on! This last week has been busy for me getting it all ready, and the hard work has finally payed off. My microprocessor controlled Light Trees look fantastic and the LED "Foreverbright" light sets, 1300 of them in the bushes, are great too. I love the deep colour of the blue sets. I`ll be getting more of those for sure, especially when I remember that those 1300 LEDs must take only about the power of a regular 100 bulb superbright set. When they come on they hardly show at all on my power monitoring gear.


The Live Webcam has the first preliminary pictures of the setup, at:

Real photos/video stills will follow as soon as I have the time and resources avaliable to do them.

Finally, the Light Count? 8117 bulbs! A personal record, and probably a neighborhood record of some sort too, though I don`t know for sure.

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Offline Tim

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the Lights Are On!
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2002, 06:28:00 pm »
Thanks for the sharing the link Chris.  Looks pretty cool and also very high tech - LEDs and microprocessor controlled "light motion" - who would have thought decades ago that Christmas lighting could become so high tech and would go digital?  Neat stuff but I wonder how the heck you manage to keep all those light strings organized and untangled for the next year!?  I have a hard enough time with just the few I put on the tree!

Anyone else have pictures of their Christmas lighting displays to share?

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Offline Chris W. Millinship

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the Lights Are On!
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2002, 06:55:00 pm »
Glad you like`em! Yeah, it is pretty high tech this year, yet has an almost traditional look too. Just following the lines of the house and foliage outside, that`s my preferred style.

How do I manage it all off-season? Well, a lot of it is new this year so I`ll cross that breidge when I come to it   The rest is coiled and boxed, and stored in cupboards in the World`s Smallest Workshop over by there. I have seen tips on the Net that suggest marking all the cords (write on masking tape at each end) so you know what goes where next year - I may do that, especially since many are custom made to reach where they`re going.

The biggest bother is the frames for the Light-Trees on the garage, and the two big cabinets that are on the wall housing some of the switchgear. I`m not sure where I`ll store those, I added a second cabinet and a fourth Tree that`s bigger than I`ve ever least I`ve got a month to think about it  


Great suggestion about posting the photos - I`ll start another thread that should entice a few folks to post something. It`d be nice to see what our sleepy little community here gets up to, all round the world!

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Offline Chris W. Millinship

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the Lights Are On!
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2002, 11:07:00 am »
Just thought I`d let you all know that the first lot of nighttime photos are now on my Displays site at  . I took them using a manual SLR camera, but lack of experience or even a fault in the camera, meant a lot of them were desperately out of focus and un-usable. I did manage to save about half of them, either by pure luck that they were in focus, or by a bit of Photoshop fiddling. More will be taken with an automatic camera, or possibly my usual video/stills method, at a future date when the weather improves.
The gallery section is not finished but the first photos are there. I`ll work on things some more and try to make it more presentable tonight (currently some broken images, etc). Don`t try viewing large images in the Webcam Archive cos they aren`t there, and that section isn`t finished, for obvious reasons.
BTW the LED lights are the blue, white, red and yellow ones in the front bushes. There are also deep reddish Maroon lights to the left but they are not LEDs.  
The blue colour didn`t come out as deep as it actually is in reality, I guess you`ve just got to be here  

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