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Author Topic: Christmas lights at K-mart  (Read 15131 times)

Offline jonathan cassiday

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Christmas lights at K-mart
« on: September 20, 2014, 09:37:02 pm »
I was a K-mart tonight and they were starting to put out the Christmas Lights and I found that the 5 bulb c-7 replacement bulbs now contain a true yellow as well as orange, blue, red and green. I have been using yellow bulbs for a while and had to order them from Christmas lights ETC, this is the first time I have seen them in a retail setting. Wish they would sell packs of all one color instead of assorted, but its interesting to see yellow instead of white this year.
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Offline Christmas Lamp

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Re: Christmas lights at K-mart
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2014, 03:18:01 am »
Any Bubblers?
I love Any Bulbs be They the Light up kind or the kind that Grows!!!


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Re: Christmas lights at K-mart
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2014, 08:53:37 am »
any pics? id also like to know prices? I need replacement bulbs for modern day bubblers in U.K.

Offline Howard

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Re: Christmas lights at K-mart
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2014, 09:09:06 pm »
Any Bubblers?

The forlorn request again...  Whilst I expect that the answer, on the American High Street is no, or it would have been shouted loud in this forum, on-line supply is plentiful and relatively inexpensive, for new, used, and NOS items.  If you keep the actual item cost below $25.00, you should escape customs (p&p doesn't count towards import duties).  Many sellers on eBay now use (read eBay want them to use) a service from a 3rd party which deals with all the export and import paperwork and excise duties up-front so you know in advance what it will cost.  Now sign in to eBay and look at these selected items (from my watch list), all from sellers who will post to UK.  All are BIN, so no waiting for auctions to end, and being outbid at the last moment.  So go on... Indulge yourself - you know you want to.  If you're quick, you can have them for this Christmas.

Vintage Christmas MINI bUbble lights 10 strings - WORKS
( 351234754238 )  ?19.07 + ?11.71 p&p + ?nil import duty

Red Green Classic Multi Color Christmas Bubble Light Set with 7 Lights New
( 400813120030 )  ?15.89 + ?9.23 p&p + ?nil import duty

Christopher Radko Bubble-Lite Bubble Light, Light Strand, Set of 7 New
( 281457389904 )  ?29.87 + ?7.55 p&p + ?9.24 import duty

MIDWEST Christmas Bubble Light Lites Set Of 7 New in Box
( 251702672552 )  ?15.89 + ?15.90 p&p + may be subject to import duty

Kurt Adler Classic 14 Bubble Light Set Christmas Tree Lights - Lot Of 2 bxs
( 400800964404 )  ?30.21 + ?10.31 p&p + ?9.20 import duty

New Set of 7 Christmas Tree Bubble Lights
( 161480732396 )  ?13.99 + ?25.39 p&p + ?nil import duty

Radko BUBBLE-BRITE LIGHT SET 7 LIGHT 4025414 Shiny Brite New
( 390904776607 )  ?34.30 + ?8.55 p&p + ?10.33 import duty

7 Foot Bubble Light Set - Christmas Tree - Red and Orange Color - 7 Light Set
( 231334372035 )  ?13.32 + ?9.17 p&p + ?nil import duty

7 Foot Bubble Light Set - Christmas Tree -Clear with Silver Glitter- 7 Light Set
( 321525626227 )  ?13.32 + ?9.17 p&p + ?nil import duty

All the above prices have been converted to Sterling on the day I scraped the details from eBay, so there might be small changes now.
All these American bubble lights are 120v, so you will need, if you don't already have one, one of these:

( 191131017834 )  ?14.29 + ?free p&p from UK no import duty

This will run one set of seven bubble lights continuously, or two sets for shorter periods.   Three sets will have it running rather warm if left on too long.
Most modern bubble light sets I have seen have short tails to the plug, so you might want something like this, so you don't have to have the autotransformer right under your tree.

American Motorhome RV 110Volt 15ft White Extension Lead
( 180745938422 )  ?8.50 + ?3.20 p&p from UK no import duty

Finally, this UK seller is selling this complete package, including autotransformer.

Vintage Coloured Crystal Christmas Bubble Lights 14 Bulb FULL SET UP MEGA DEAL!!
( 271682405862 )  ?89.99 + ?7.99 p&p from UK no import duty

I have to state here I have no connection whatsoever with any of the sellers of the items above.  If you decide to buy from one of these sellers, caveat emptor, and abide by eBay's rules.

This was all researched when I decided to indulge myself with a set of bubble lights.  My final decision on what to buy was based almost entirely on the picture of the girl on the box!  See picture below.  It's the picture from the eBay listing.  I'll post a picture of them lit and bubbling a bit nearer Christmas.

On a more general note, I believe we're unlikely to see bubble lights re-introduced into UK shops.  Previous attempts have failed, and with no interest in Europe, and the demise of Noma UK, I don't think anybody will take the plunge in paying out for a SE Asian manufacturer to make sets suitable for UK electrical regulations, not to mention any health and safety regulations (COSHH) relating to the use of methylene chloride, without knowing they're going to sell.  Even when they were available in the UK (1950s or earlier) they were not popular.  I've only ever seen one British branded set turn up on eBay.
« Last Edit: November 30, 2014, 09:25:47 pm by Howard »
Regards, Howard.
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Re: Christmas lights at K-mart
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2014, 10:47:42 am »
yes Howard I agree unlikely they will sell them in U.K. shops, I have had to buy many sets from U.S.A. sadly trying to replace burnt out bulbs is a pain in the ass  :x
I have bought a volt reducer this year to try and save more of them, sadly I got a box like the one pictured, they do work but the downside is they all have red bases and green tops, I try and separate them when bulbs blow and mix and match splitting colours up with different makes, merry xmas Howard. :wink: