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Author Topic: What about "" site?  (Read 16172 times)

Offline Mónico González

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What about "" site?
« on: October 29, 2012, 04:56:57 pm »
Hi everybody.
I've been some months without enter the site of our friend and collector fellow from Wales Chris Millinship, so, today I've tried to visit it when to my surprise I've seen that "" is not online yet.
Could someone tell me what about Chris and his website?
I knew that his pages were not updated from some years ago, exactly like mines, but at least my website stays online, while Chris' one does not.
I've not got in touch with he from many years ago, but owing the fact that his site was online, I didn't payed attention to that.
If you know something about Chris whereabouts, please give me some clue about, because I don't wanna lost contact with old bulb lover guys.
Thanks in advance and best regards.
M. Gonz?lez.
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Offline Chris W. Millinship

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Re: What about "" site?
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2012, 03:04:40 pm »
M?nico - how are you? Sorry I havn`t kept in touch either, such a lot has happened in my life over the past few years. Actually, asides moving house and being ever busier at work, that`s not entirely true. I`m still around, still collecting and spending far too much money I should be saving instead, still not paying attention to the things in life I actually should be paying attention to. And as such, the collection has expanded into many related areas since the early days when I began the Bulb site. Nowadays, it covers not just light bulbs and decoration sets, but also discharge lamps, control gear, fluorescent tubes & fittings, industrial fittings, streetlights and related items, and even illuminated street signs and traffic signals recently too.

I get very obsessive, and rather too carried away all too often. It`s almost too much to keep track of what`s here any more, I need to slow right down. And the Bulb site? I took that down along with the other old web pages I`d put up over the years as it was all so badly out of date that it didn`t reflect all my interests any more. It was also never finished, and as I`m busier than ever at work, never looked like it would be. Was never totally happy with the design and layout either, and indeed I produced two different designs many years ago with a mind to re-build and update it all. But now I have my own place, and unfortunately only live here by myself (a position that looks unlikely to change any time soon), work on the house takes what little free time I have left just now.

It would be nice some day to finally get to go through this ridiculous collection, catalog and photograph everything, and be in a position to once more put up a "new Bulb Museum" site to share it with other lighting enthusiasts. Unfortunately however, for now, I expect it`ll remain closed.

But it`s great to hear from you, and know that at least someone still visited those pages from time to time.

Offline Christmas Lamp

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Re: What about "" site?
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2012, 03:18:16 pm »
Hi Chris ***Waves***
I Still Looked as well, I'll Admit that it was at Your Christmas Lights more that Anything.... Did You Keep anyof the Snowy Light Displays?
Gald to Hear that You are OK
I love Any Bulbs be They the Light up kind or the kind that Grows!!!

Offline Chris W. Millinship

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Re: What about "" site?
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2012, 07:14:50 am »
Hi, (waves back!)

Yes, I still have everything, can`t throw anything away me, that`s part of the problem! All the pictures and things that were online are still archived here, don`t worry about that. There were actually more pictures taken than were published, including the last few years when things were scaled right back to simple colour changing floodlighting. Since I no longer live in the house where those displays took place, I thought it best to remove the site as it was, so as not to encourage anyone to go and try to find the house expecting to see more lights. I might put some pictures back up online some day purely as an archive, with a prominent note to say I`m not there any more. Especially since the house/road I currently live in is not suitable for decorating on such a large scale, and work commitments mean I`m unlikely to put anything up outside here at all. Or inside for that matter.

Be nice to remember the good times though...(has a rummage in the archives) about these from the 2005 display? Good grief, that`s a long time ago now, how on earth is it nearly the end of 2012 already?! Actually, looking at the old web pages, I don`t think these were ever published at the time, although I always meant to...

Also found one from the same time that you might like. This was in the bedroom at the time, and the video screen in the background shows a webcam that was pointed towards the house and could be viewed "live" when the lights were on. Not much happened, it was largely a static display, but there were a few fading and chasing bits.

The bubble candolier is a modern Radko replica of a Paramount design from the 1940s (?), imported from the USA. Asides the wider selection of colours, it`s pretty authentic compared to original Paramount bubble lights. Actually it was through this forum that I found out about those being offered for sale and bought two of them, one to keep safe and one to use out on display. It hasn`t actually been out of its box for several years now, I`ll have to look for it some time.

Offline Christmas Lamp

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Re: What about "" site?
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2012, 09:00:24 am »
Thank You SO Much for Those Chris
I love Any Bulbs be They the Light up kind or the kind that Grows!!!

Offline Mónico González

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  • Philips HP-80w Mercury Lamp
    • Mis Bombillas, peque?o museo virtual de la l?mpara el?ctrica.
Re: What about "" site?
« Reply #5 on: November 16, 2012, 05:32:30 am »
Hi Chris!!!
Glad to read about you and to know you are OK, even although you were so busy as you said. Work could be a gift or a punishment, depending upon it could be seen. A gift because today is very hard to stay fittingly employed due to world crisis, especially here in Spain. But work also could be a punishment because by the same reasons, today is more difficult to get some spare time to spend in our favourite activities.
As you could have seen my website is not updated from some years ago, including the links page. In part because I got acess to Internet from job, and here are a proxy server that rejects connections through port 21, so, I can't acces to my files via FTP protocol to administer them. At present day I haven't my own Internet acces at home, so, my pages are covered by webs (real spider webs, not "world wide webs", making a play on words ) because the dirty of years ;-).
Today I'm not spending too much about lamp buying as collectibles, but as you could imagine, I'm absolutely furious and pissed off about dictatorial rules of EU on banning incandescent lamp manufacturing in Community territory, so, I'm stockpiling regular bulbs for daily use as far as I can got them to use most of them and to preserve some samples in my collection for the future.
About Christmas displays, I could say you that this year I will not make them neither because bad economic situation of this country that is suffering a hard time of shortages, doesn't allow to fully celebrate anything even though I'm not personally affected by privation nor economic troubles, but morally I cannot enjoy when I know that many people around me is suffering by even poverty. Furthermore, my displays were many times modest and simple than yours, but I hope to can go ahead with them again in next years if things improves.
As I've said, I'm too happy having news from you even if your website is not online as in good times. At least you are still involved in those lighting related things as I do, waiting for the arriving of better times for everyone of us.
M?nico Gonz?lez.
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