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Title: UPDATE: January 15th, 2008
Post by: Tim on January 15, 2008, 11:34:08 pm

As promised, an article (http://bulbcollector.com/article017.html) has been devoted to the Rayline ?No Shadow? lamp- an obscure straight filament lamp that was added to the collection last year.  While on the topic of articles, the Elblight article (http://bulbcollector.com/article008.html) has been updated to document a Philips? version of the spiky based cable-piercing lamp.  A website visitor has submitted a nice guide to help collectors date their antique Edison lamps.  Look for this article to appear here during the next site update...

Recent (and not so recent) additions to the collection have been documented and include an early wire terminal lamp (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Carbon_Filament/1881-1900/Unknown%20European/Wire_Terminal_Lamps/image/c0194.jpg) of English origin.   A 55 volt Bryan-Marsh (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Carbon_Filament/1901-1960/Bryan-Marsh/image/c0191.jpg) hairpin filament lamp has joined the collection as well as a beautiful amber glass Champion lamp (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Coiled_Tungsten_Filament/Consolodated_Electric_Lamp_Co./image/wc0045.jpg) with an interesting history linked to the San Francisco Opera House.

Some more standard based Austrian figural lamps have been added including this carbon filament lantern (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Figurals/Lanterns_and_Streetlights/image/fg0055.jpg) and this embossed flame (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Figurals/Candles_and_Flames/image/fg0054.jpg) which has a unique pattern.

Some colorful Mazda sign lamps were added and are believed to have sintered tungsten filaments.  They can be viewed here (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Pressed_Tungsten_Filament).

For those interested in figural neon lamp history, the descriptions have been revised for the German Osram Masonic Emblem lamp and the large Crucifix lamp based on some newly discovered information.  Please see the revised description (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Gas_Discharge_Lamps/Neon/OSA/image/ne0107.jpg) for the details.  Speaking of neon lamps, don?t forget to check out the ?Red October? (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Gas_Discharge_Lamps/Neon/Misc._Ukrainian/image/ne0167.jpg) Russian glow lamp and learn some back history concerning its symbolism.  Shifting back to American glow lamps, an argon linear segment lamp (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Gas_Discharge_Lamps/Argon/Amglo/image/ar0015.jpg) made by Amglo has finally been tracked down and is the perfect companion to the neon version (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Gas_Discharge_Lamps/Neon/Amglo/image/ne0160.jpg).  Now, if I only had a Mills Studio Juke (http://bulbcollector.com/article005.html) to use them in :)

And finally, a second ?genuine? Thomson-Houston lamp socket was added that spurred some further research into these sockets.  As a result, the comments have been revised for the older socket and both are pictured here (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Electrical_Hardware/Sockets_and_Adapters/Thomson_Houston).

As always, comments are welcome along with any reader submitted articles or other useful information that you feel others may be interested in.