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Antique Bulb Discussion / Luxor Lamp Lightbulb
« Last post by fastbackford351 on August 01, 2018, 09:12:13 pm »
First, I appreciate your taking the time to look at this thread.  I never knew that light bulb collecting was a thing but my eyes have been opened. 

I very recently found this lightbulb in amongst a box full of incandescent bulbs that I wound up with after my Grandmothers passing years ago. 

When I first saw it I thought that it would throw shadows or something like that so I was stunned by the display and immediately wanted to know more and am hoping that somebody here can drop some knowledge on me about this bulb.  Like, what is this called?

Is it filament painted?  Neon? Colored glass?

What is the safest way to enjoy this bulb?  I figure that I got away with one when I slapped it into a cheap desk lamp without a second thought.  What voltage do they operate at?

I haven't been able to find anything about the Luxor company whose name is on the sleeve so any information on them would be appreciated.

And lastly, not to be crass, but what is the approximate value?  I have no plans to sell it and if it is worth only a couple hundred or so we will keep it and will enjoy it ourselves.

Again, I thank you for your time and any information you would be willing to impart.
Christmas Lighting / Re: Kingston Crystalites
« Last post by STARMAN on July 30, 2018, 01:44:55 pm »
Finding bulbs like I need for modern day bubblers is a nightmare ive given up now  :cry:
Christmas Lighting / Re: Kingston Crystalites
« Last post by Christmas Lamp on July 28, 2018, 03:00:56 am »
Have You had any Luck in finding Your Bulbs?
General Discussion / Angel Figural Bulb
« Last post by dbarron on July 27, 2018, 11:03:36 pm »
Hello, I am new to this forum. What a wealth of information on this site! I found this forum while looking for information on some bulbs I purchased at a sale. I had a great deal of trouble just trying to find out the proper name for the type of bulb I was looking for. After some digging, I believe the type of bulb I have is a figural bulb. It's shaped like an angel, it's 5 inches long, the person selling them said they were "vintage", I am not sure, they look very new to me. I have a few question, if some knowledgeable person could answer them, that would be great! I will try to post a picture for reference. Do they make reproduction figural bulbs? What would the age of this bulb be? What is the base size... C7? What voltage would this type of bulb operate on? AC or DC? I appreciate any info anyone can provide me with. Thanks in advance!

                                                                   Best regards, dbarron.

The last 50 years I've had a light bulb that I found when I was a teenager.
The glass is embossed with the trademark General Mazda.
I have been checking the internet for years and I've never found one like it I have found many that were called Edison Mazda or other Masters that were similar but none with this name.
this is leading me to think that I may have a very rare bulb possibly manufactured in the twenties or thirties.
The light bulb still works it has a zig zag cage filament and a standard medium bulb for a Modern light socket.
Any information anyone can provide me about this lamp would make me quite happy.
I've decided it's time to let it go because my children would have no idea what to do with it therefore it is for sale but if it is not allowed to sell things on this site I am not doing that. I would appreciate though being played in the right direction and given some handle on what it's possible value maybe and the history on the brand name.
Feel free to email me through the system if you know anything about this brand name General Mazda.
I was thinking it was a early General Electric or pre General Electric branding but again it might be private labeling for some hardware store.
BTW my name is not North it's Norm.
Modern Electric Lighting / Re: Are there bulb sockets with a rechargeable battery?
« Last post by adam2 on July 22, 2018, 08:44:22 am »
Not certain what you are trying to achieve ?

Most types of bulb socket may be connected to a battery of suitable voltage and capacity to work the intended bulb. It is not usual to incorporate the battery within the bulb socket because space is limited and in  access for charging or replacement is limited.
Thank you.
Looks like a gu10 line voltage halogen lamp.
120 volt lamps in the USA or 230 volts in Europe.
Buy one and try it. They commonly come in 35 watt and in 50 watts, best to stick to the lower wattage if the maximum wattage of the fixture is unknown.
They are widely available and not expensive.
Many vendors offer LED equivalents, these save significant electricity, but cost more to buy.

If you're still selling GE AR1 / W1A I'd like to buy 10.  Please message back ASAP!  Thanks.

Antique Bulb Discussion / August 2018 Early Electric Lighting Collectors Meet
« Last post by cmshapiro on July 04, 2018, 04:17:34 pm »
A little last minute posting this here but any last minute interest, we are about 6 weeks away! Please contact me for more info.

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