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Title: who made nomas bubble tubes?
Post by: jonathan cassiday on December 29, 2006, 06:34:13 pm
i have been relamping some bubble lamps from noma and have noticed alot of variation in the diameter of the tubes, all of them sold as noma. This leads me to the question of who manufactured the tubes? Did noma have multipal manufacturing facilities or did thy subcontract to multipal companies? and what companie manufactures the tubes today? i dont know if anyone will have any info on this but it seem to intrique me. You also find that the way that the tubes were sealed are also quite diffrent amongst sets of lights, with some tubes having a fine and symetrical point to the tube while others have a thick and of centerd sealed tip. i have not seen any information in regards to this and was hoping that somone might know the answers.
Title: Re: who made nomas bubble tubes?
Post by: christmasnut on October 12, 2014, 12:30:38 pm
I Know this is a old post ,
 I have been looking into how the bubble lights were made.
Thought others would be interested
The glass was blown into a mold, the liquid  is then put in put in  the top was heated and crimped and the top sealed.
The diffence in size may be due to wear on the mold.
I believe that noma made all there own tubes ,
I have read that they made some tubes for other companys.

Yes bubble light tubes are still made in fact from what I can find they are made by one company in China.
They had a page on there web site,
 on it it showed evey bubble light design that is made today.
I have been researching this to see how it could be done.