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Title: Looking for an unusual night light bulb, long base, overall less than 2 inches
Post by: drwiremore on January 05, 2020, 12:05:35 am
I'm looking for a night-light bulb, for an old antique night light discovered in a box.

Unlike a standard night light bulb ? C12 ? this bulb has a longer base than I seem to be able to locate.  A standard bulb has 3 turns/screws; and this bulb has 4 turns/screws.

The overall bulb is about 2 inches.
3/4 inch is the metal base
1 1/4 inch is the glass part.
In total, a 2 inch clear night light bulb, and I could use your help in finding one or two.

The markings on the base, clockwise are: CHINA  JM   120V5W

I've been working a year on the antique niight light.  The top part of the unit was removeable, but the bulb was sealed inside. Just as I was about to saw cut and split the top/bottom of the light, I inserted a blade, and the glued pieces separated.  Then the bulb was removed with effort, but it also had been glued into this night light.  Now I have access to the bulb, and I'm on this search.