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Title: Sockets to match antique lighting.
Post by: Karlucci on November 14, 2018, 04:36:54 pm
Hi. I'm new to this great forum and website. Name's Karl. I've been restoring antique lamps and lighting fixtures for an antique lighting shop for the last 35 years and I've come to know the various sockets manufactured for Edison bulbs between 1900 to 1920 in America. I've repaired, restored and replaced many and I can recommend the ones that have lasted the best over 100 years that are probably good for another 100 years.
These are almost all brass shelled "fat boy" pull chain and turn paddle sockets, and I can match most that were made. I'd be happy to answer questions and send pictures if you are trying to restore something special.
Contact me at: karlucci1@hotmail.com