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Title: Chase art deco lamp , head bulb , seeking information
Post by: Chase on August 23, 2018, 02:23:49 am
Searching for a Chase Brass Copper Company art deco Colonel lamp head bulb circa 1930 . Thread is same as C9 E17 , however the bulb is larger and egg shaped . I cant find a example anywhere other then those used as the head for this lamp . It has a painted face . Anyone know if this bulb was only produced for this lamp , or was a production item that can be found . I have the lamp missing the bulb . Even a non working example would be of interest . Any background information would be most appreciated , thank you .

Discovered a page from the company catalog , states the bulb was easily found everywhere . Oddly I find no examples anywhere , with exception seems they may have been used in prewar marquee signs ?

Not important to find bulb with painted face . My main interest is information of the bulb in general.