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Title: Antique curly top General Mazda light bulb zig zag cage still works
Post by: North Slutzker on July 22, 2018, 07:33:31 pm
The last 50 years I've had a light bulb that I found when I was a teenager.
The glass is embossed with the trademark General Mazda.
I have been checking the internet for years and I've never found one like it I have found many that were called Edison Mazda or other Masters that were similar but none with this name.
this is leading me to think that I may have a very rare bulb possibly manufactured in the twenties or thirties.
The light bulb still works it has a zig zag cage filament and a standard medium bulb for a Modern light socket.
Any information anyone can provide me about this lamp would make me quite happy.
I've decided it's time to let it go because my children would have no idea what to do with it therefore it is for sale but if it is not allowed to sell things on this site I am not doing that. I would appreciate though being played in the right direction and given some handle on what it's possible value maybe and the history on the brand name.
Feel free to email me through the system if you know anything about this brand name General Mazda.
I was thinking it was a early General Electric or pre General Electric branding but again it might be private labeling for some hardware store.
BTW my name is not North it's Norm.