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Title: Wanted-Black Lights for Uranium Lamps
Post by: LightupDan on August 24, 2017, 07:59:23 am
Hello fellow Bulbcollector's :)

I just picked up a couple Uranium glass table lights from an auction(not Vaseline glass but Uranium!) and I now want to get a high quality black light bulb for each of them that will show off the cool green hue. I checked in store around me and no one sells the bulbs on there own, and the fixtures that they sell are all garbage from some cheap factory. Does anyone have leads for somewhere online that I could get black light bulbs from, preferably 12 or 16 volts?

Thanks in advance everyone, can't wait to show these lamps off.

Someone sent me a PM that had a link to a website online that had some great black light bulbs for sale at various voltages. I looked at some of the bulbs on https://www.for-sale.ie/black-light-bulb  and picked up a good selection so that I can see which ones are going to show off this amazing glass better. If anyone is interested in some pictures of these beauties, then let me know!