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Title: William J. Hammer lamp collection at the Henry Ford Museum
Post by: Tim on April 02, 2017, 11:21:14 am
I recently discovered this link to many pictures of early incandescent lamps from the historic William J. Hammer collection which partially resides at the Henry Ford Museum.  As some may know, this collection is not on public display, just a handful of bulbs scattered in a few showcases throughout the museum.  I was happy to find these pictures since there aren't very many good quality pictures of the lamps in this collection.  Of particular interest to me, there are a few lamps pictured that I've only seen illustrated in old literature, such as the Hiram Maxim lamp with a Maltese Cross shaped filament.  I never thought it really existed, until now.

Excuse the ugly link, but it should work:


Here's a direct link to the Maxim Maltese Cross lamp:


More about the William J. Hammer collection: http://bulbcollector.com/hammer.html