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Title: Early 1950's mogul base globe pendant
Post by: unique1 on April 20, 2014, 09:04:54 am
This is not a question, or actual bulb inquiry. I am a maintenance director at a grade school far southwest of Chicago. We are upgrading are lighting system, and will be removing a substantial amount of lights that are original fixtures that were installed in 1953. I have spent about 8 weeks researching these globe pendants with virtually no luck. I did receive information from a qualified appraiser, that they we're probably manufactured by R. Williamson & Co. in Chicago. They apparently supplied most schools in the 1950's.

My question to the members is does anyone have any idea's on where I might be able to find more information on these pendants, possibly lighting museums, images of pendants,links to professional lighting fixture experts, etc...

I'm starting to think that these are the only globe pendants of this type that haven't been thrown in the trash. Firm believer of keeping the early days alive.

The dimensions of the globe are, 16" wide X 14" tall. Stem is 5". Antique Bronze Finish.

Any help on this subject would truly be appreciated.

Thanks Members,