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Noma 8 socket set c. 1936


Long time browser, first time poster.

I found a Noma set a few weeks back, and stuck it on ebay thinking it was a 50s or 60s set, maybe worth something for the box and not much else. I'm back in the UK for Christmas and my father is raging because his big book of Christmas lights says it's a 1936 set and he thinks the bulbs are all original.  Does anyone know if these are actually worth anything? I'm only collecting figural bulbs, so just selling these to fund that obsession.

I guess my worry is that seeing as Noma are more collectable in the states, they'll go to a UK buyer who just wants the bulbs, and the box and cable will go to pot.

Not sharing an ebay link because I don't think that's kosher, but photo attached.


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