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Moonglo beautility bulbs from El-tronics, Inc.


Eric Engelmann:
Strangest bulbs I've ever seen. Mirrored exterior, but sort of psychedelic internally reflecting. Standard plug and about 5 inches in diameter. 60 watt. One in original box and another bare. I'd like to find a good home for them.

Box says: "The Moonglo Story   The new Moonglo-bulb was inspired by the beauty of the full moon ... a perfect circle ... the oldest design in the world. IT's soft glow is designed to be seen ... it will add a pleasant atmosphere to any setting, indoors or outdoors."

First $20 gets the pair.

Afternoon, have you sold the bulbs?  I'm interested but would need to see a few pics of the bulbs before purchasing.  Are you using PayPal for the sale?

Do you have any digital camera photos of the light bulbs that you can post?  Interesting description, but need to see them to decide if I will make an offer.



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