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bulb auction


Includes a Nernst and various other early items, email them to get pdf of top lots....

--- Quote ---Hello, I am emailing you on behalf of an Auction house in Cornwall UK.
In our next antiques auction (Dec 6 & 7th) we are selling a very large collection of light bulbs.
The collection was put together by a gentleman called Bill Carlton who was a senior executive for Phillips Electrical for many years.
I have attached a PDF of the relevant pages of the auction catalogue.

We have only illustrated a small number of some of the older bulbs but the collection is huge - we stopped counting at 500!
If this is of interest to you please feel free to contact the saleroom for more information - +44 (0)1736  361414.
If you know of other collectors who would be interested please feel free to forward this email with our contact details.
We are indebted to Tim Tromp and Ray Tye for their advice in cataloguing this collection.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for posting info about the auction - you've beaten me to it!
The auction is also viewable at the
* *
For further information about the collection please use the saleroom contact details listed above.
Thanks very much.

Looks like this lot sold for $2,813 US Dollars.  Anyone among us the lucky winner?


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