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Custom Light Bulb Manufacturer/Tinkerer Wanted! (Needed for Project)


Hello All!

Excited to be on this forum that shares the joys of bringing light into the world.

I am currently in need of someone who is able to create custom light bulbs.
Specifically, a silicon carbide based light bulb to conduct experiments with at home.

If available to speak on the topic or point me in the direction of someone who can help, please message or email me and I will go over the project in more detail.

Thank you so much, I hope I am in the right place.


I am occasionally making custom and special lamps of various kinds in my small glassblowing and vacuum lab.  The difficulty in making an SiC lamp is the attachment of this to a metallic wire to carry the current to this or into the lamp.  However I have a few ideas of how it might be done.  It seems that SiC fibres can now be procured from various laboratories, but I have no idea if any of them would really be suitable for a lamp filament.  However if you may know more about this or a suitable source, then for sure I would be interested to have a go at processing these into finished lamps!


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