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Title: UPDATE: December 12, 2004
Post by: Tim on November 21, 2004, 10:44:28 am
A lot of changes have taken place here lately. This site is now hosted locally on a home based server. The decision was made to host the site locally for a number of reasons.? The benefits of running our own web server include the absence of hosting fees, an unlimited amount of storage space, and the knowledge gained from making all of this come together and work.? These benefits do come with a price however.? Server uptime may not be as high as a professional hosting service and the speed of the site may be a bit slower than usual given the bandwidth limitations of our Internet provider.? At this time we feel the benefits outweigh the cons but time will tell if it all works out! :)

Stuff that still needs work or completion include: fill in missing caption info for many of the items that appear in the database, create a timeline page, create a vintage advertising page, finish the vintage catalog page, get the site looking correct in Netscape 4 (may never happen), etc., etc.

There will no doubt be some bugs in the system during this migration period so please bear with us and feel free to let us know. Thank you for visiting BulbCollector.com!