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Title: Help with identifying Christmas bulb!
Post by: ehovjack on February 02, 2022, 06:34:43 pm

I am trying to identify an old Christmas tree globe. In the picture a C7 (White) is on the right, and the pink is what I am trying to find a replacement for, you can see it is has a smaller screw in fitting.

It has 15V on the brass fitting and Japan.  Does it have a C? name or is it special?

Thanks, Eugene
Title: Re: Help with identifying Christmas bulb!
Post by: Howard on March 07, 2022, 10:55:48 am
Hi Eugene,

I'm a little surprised no one has replied yet.

Your information is quite clear, as is your picture, so here goes.  This bulb is not at all unusual.
The age of your bulb is indeterminate, but it looks well used, judging by the faded colour.  These bulbs are intended to run in a series connected string of eight bulbs across North American mains supplies of nominally 117volts: 8x15=120.  The cap is Miniature Edison screw (MES), as used for flashlight bulbs. The international description of this cap is E10 (E for Edison Screw), 10mm diameter.  You asked if this bulb has a "C?" name: yes it does - C6 (C for conical shape, 6 for 6-units of 1/8" maximum diameter).  The shape and size descriptors are much abused with Christmas bulbs, particularly figural bulbs.

That's enough from me for now.  You've probably realised I'm not in USA, but in UK.

Regards, Howard.
Title: Re: Help with identifying Christmas bulb!
Post by: ehovjack on March 07, 2022, 04:33:50 pm
Hello Howard,

Thanks so much for the descriptive response, it is greatly appreciated !  You were spot on with the abused descriptions and sizes, I've struggled to find replacements as online sellers don't seem to be aware of the subtle size differences, I have had to "guess" the size looking at images prior to purchase.

I have had some luck tracking some down, at least enough to get a strand running, interestingly I am based in Australia and we have 240V which may account for the globes getting rather warm.  In any case my childhood memories are now alive and ready for next Christmas !

Thanks again for the information as this will help me in my searches for more globes.

Regards Eugene.