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Halogen bathroom light bulb. What type is appropriate.


I moved into an apartment and the landlord (who lives out of state) did not have bulbs in all the fixtures.  Attached is a picture of the socket for the bulb.  Anyone have any idea what type of bulb I need to buy?  I would just take the picture to Home Depot of Lowes but they are not very convenient.

Looks like a gu10 line voltage halogen lamp.
120 volt lamps in the USA or 230 volts in Europe.
Buy one and try it. They commonly come in 35 watt and in 50 watts, best to stick to the lower wattage if the maximum wattage of the fixture is unknown.
They are widely available and not expensive.
Many vendors offer LED equivalents, these save significant electricity, but cost more to buy.

Thank you.


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