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Title: Trade: Noma Kristal (Ice) Lites, Mint Box
Post by: Bousquet on March 01, 2001, 10:51:00 am
Just recently lucked into two sets of the Noma Kristal Lites [sic] in essentially mint boxes.  These are the C-7-type lights, set of 7, in the reddish-orange "Advertised in LIFE" box.

If you're interested and have something I'm looking for, I'd like to talk about trading or doing a trade/cash combination.  My particular interest is boxed sets of Christmas lights, esp. from the 1920s (with separate covers), and boxed novelty light sets (ice, rainbow/star, detector).  My collection isn't huge, and I'm a pushover for boxes in very-good-plus shape with great graphics.

Let me know if you're interested,
Woody Bousquet