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Title: Huge e/m Vacuum Tubes - electron gun
Post by: steveinlanc on February 14, 2005, 10:04:22 pm
** Hmmmm... no interest at all?  OK I guess they'll go on Ebay next week.  I'll post a note with a link when they go up. ** 

Pictured below (I think).? In their original shipping crates, with packing slip and instruction sheets.? The tubes are about 13" tall and 7" or so diameter at the center.? Made by (or at least sold by) Sargent-Welch Scientific.? They live in their crates suspended by two canvas bits held taut by springs and display very nicely.? Delivered to the University of Delaware in Dec. 1974.? Somehow they relocated to UPenn in Philly where I got them in the late 80's during a major cull of the science labs.? Now it's time for them to move along.? You can see how they are used in the lab by visiting http://www.phys.ksu.edu/~cocke/classes/phys506/Bainbridge1.htm

The one at left in the photo has no markings on it other than a dime-sized etched dot on the globe.? Clearly intended for the purist who doesn't want all that beautiful glass and techno-innards disrupted by disunifying text and labels.

The one at right has "3000 ml PYREX USA on the globe over an oval dot, and on the stem is "WARNING FILAMENT CURRENT MUST NOT EXCEED 4.5 AMP - SARGENT-WELCH SCIENTIFIC" printed in a silver rectagle.? Obviously made for those who require the exact liquid volume of their vaccum tubes.

Bottom line, they're for sale to the best offer I get.? I'll sell both together or separately.? If they separate the one with no text on it gets the instructions (it also has a shipping tag in the crate) and the plain one gets a photocopy of the instructions and the original packing slip. In the case of an offer for just one of them, "best offer" means "better than 50% of any offer for both".

Post your offers here so everyone can see what the status is.? I'll close the sale either on Friday 2/18 or the moment someone offers me a ridiculous sum of money? :wink:? Figure on shipping costs as extra, but they will be exact with a $10 handling fee for the ridiculous packing job these will need.? I will also consider selling through Ebay if anyone wants extra protection.

OH - Who the heck am I anyway?? Right, forgot.? Ebay seller ID is steve-n-kate, with 100% positive feedback. :? :x :x :?