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Title: a "nixie" lightbulb?
Post by: ReddyKilowatt on November 24, 2003, 03:05:00 pm
I am about to buy a Nixie Tube clock, and in doing so recalled that I had found a sort of light bulb long ago that seemed to work on the same principal--neon gas surface glow.

The bulb (which I am hoping to find in the junk pile) was found in a house which we, as electricians, were renovating post sale.  Everything was being gutted.  The previous owner was some sort of electrical hobbyist.  We found a strange bulb, "standard" base light like 100w incandescent, clear, nearly "normal" shape but only about 2.5 inch across.  In place of a filament was a split metallic disk about the size of a dime. When energized (110v) it emitted an orange surface glow with a slight violet cast. I think it also strobed(like a fluorescent).  My question is--what would that have been for??? It was very dim, probably less that a typical candle.

Any thoughts?
Title: a "nixie" lightbulb?
Post by: Zelandeth on March 01, 2004, 06:21:00 pm
Sounds to me as though you've found a General Electric NE-34.  *hunts around in the bookmarks listing for the page* Ah yes, like this?
 http://bulbmuseum.net/bulbs/ne34.htm (http://bulbmuseum.net/bulbs/ne34.htm)