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Title: Looking for old geissler tubes
Post by: Otterlimits on February 18, 2004, 10:42:00 am
I'm looking for at least one old geissler tube, to add to a collection of simple reproductions I've had made by a local neon bender. The only sources I've heard about so far are eBay and The Gemmary. The latter seems to sell very high-end items only...and while geissler tubes show up on the former, it seems even simple ones create a bidding frenzy and drive prices far beyond my meager limit.
  Does anyone have a source for old tubes of any sort? I'd love to find one of the really small liquid filled tubes, or something intricate, and though I doubt I can afford them, I'd still like to know what I could buy if I had the funds.
  Suggestions, anyone?
~ Jake