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Title: Light Bulb Collection for sale..Pics to follow
Post by: Gary M on October 20, 2004, 08:03:00 am
Collection of light bulbs for sale
Consisting of 32 Incandescent Bulbs

3 Colored bulbs
One with cross shape in center filament, red
2 solid red ornamental grooved swirl bulbs

11 Blown glass bulbs...various sizes
1 threaded bolt base estimated to be approx. 100 years old
with switch base 4 watt, Shelby electric 1900. Identical to one found in a
California fire house

28 porcelain bases, various styles

8 Brass switches

2 Porcelain wall switches

1 Westinghouse porcelain plug-in electric heater, 2 pins

1 Porcelain Y socket fixture

2 porcelain hanging sockets

1 old potential (voltage) tester

Books and literature on bulbs


Gary Morrison email...morrison5@sympatico.ca

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