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Title: Tube testing
Post by: Ron Pond on June 01, 2000, 10:27:00 pm
The type of tester you use is in part dependent on whether you want to use the tubes as they were intended originally, or whether you are going to add them to a static collection and not use them in radios, etc. If the tubes are going to be used,you may want a tester that gives you an indication of their performance under normal operating conditions.For this,a "dynamic mutual conductance" tester is ideal.Most Hickok brand testers have this facility as well as sockets and charts to check older tubes as well.
If the tubes are not intended for actual use in radios, then a simple emission (good/bad ) tester will do the job.( cheaper too )
There are very few, if any single testers that will check US,European and transmitting
tubes. I have three different testers to perform these functions.
Ron Pond.  (p.s. still looking for info on Star bulb )
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Title: Tube testing
Post by: Tim on June 01, 2000, 11:14:00 pm
Hi Ron,

Thanks for the info on the tube checkers. Although I'm more interested in displaying rather than using them I do a lot of trading with other collectors who are concerned about the tube's performance, plus I have a large stockpile of more common receiving tubes that I would like to eventually sell off.

Can you recommend a good mutual conductance tester for foreign tubes - makes, models, expected prices to pay for one, availability, etc.? I assume prices are comparable to a good Hickok here............

Thanks again!