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Would like to identify large Regent bulb- I'm new!


I have this bulb and know nothing about it.  I just screwed it in to a lamp I have that takes the larger 1-5/8" diameter neck, and even though the lamp was off, it blew out the bulb. Sad!
It says Regent "R" 175W 9911 on it. It's about 8.5" long and has a glass tube inside. I tried to attach a photo but haven't gotten a small enough file yet.

I'm curious whether it is still of any use to anybody and how old it might be?



Okay- here's the photo:

It looks like a fairly standard type of mercury vapour lamp.
Many mercury vapour lamps have a fluorescent coating in order to improve the colour of the light, but this is a clear or uncoated type.
This type of lamp has two main electrodes between which the current passes, one at the top and one at the bottom. A third small electrode connected via a high value resistance may be seen at the bottom of the lamp. This assists in starting from line voltage without any external high voltage starting device.
Not easy to date as they have been made to the same basic design for decades.

Such lamps are intended to be connected to the mains via a choke or ballast. Connection without this required choke or ballast is apt to destroy the lamp.

Unlikely to be of value, but don't rush to chuck it out just in case.


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