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Title: UPDATE: September 24th, 2007
Post by: Tim on September 24, 2007, 10:26:04 pm
It?s been quiet around here lately, but with summer officially over, I should have time to update things a little more frequently.

Bulb news:

A few new additions have been added to the collection.  First - an 1888 Edison lamp (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Carbon_Filament/1881-1900/Edison/image/c0189.jpg) with a nice early label.  An unmarked ca.1900 tipless lamp (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Incandescent_Lamps/Carbon_Filament/1881-1900/Tipless_Lamp_Company/image/c0183.jpg) has also been added, presumably manufactured by Herman J. Jaeger based on the unusual stem construction.

There?s been a lot of buzz surrounding several unusual neon lamps that surfaced on eBay recently.  I obtained one for myself and identified the unusual lamp (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Gas_Discharge_Lamps/Neon/Machlett/image/ne0164.jpg) after spending some time searching through various patents on Google Patents.  The lamps were manufactured by Rainbow Light, Inc., a subsidiary of Machlett Labs established to produce neon products during the 1920s/1930s.  Machlett is very well known for their history in developing x-ray technology, so discovering an early Machlett device that isn?t x-ray related is an interesting find.

Two early Aerolux neon glow lamps have been added to the gallery.  The first is a large Glowing Crucifix  (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Gas_Discharge_Lamps/Neon/Aerolux/Religious/image/ne0166.jpg) in a T12 envelope, sputtered, but a scarce find.  The second is a beautiful American Flag (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Gas_Discharge_Lamps/Neon/Aerolux/Emblems/image/ne0165.jpg) glow lamp ? check it out here.

Lastly, a bad copy of a 1940 Aerolux catalog (http://bulbcollector.com/gateway/Vintage_Literature/Catalogs_and_Brochures/Electric_Lighting/Aerolux_Light_Corporation/1940_Catalog) has been added to the literature section.  Despite the bad condition, the catalog depicts some lamps that aren?t pictured in other Aerolux catalogs, such as the two lamps mentioned above, so it may prove interesting to those who collect these glow lamps.

I have a few more lamps to post including an unusual tubular carbon filament lamp made by the Electric Tube Lamp Company and marketed as the Rayline "No Shadow" bulb.  These will be posted during the next update.

Site news:

I've upgraded the forum (http://bulbcollector.com/forum) to the most current version of SMF which now includes a CAPTCHA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA) registration to help prevent spam.  With this preventative measure, I enabled self-registration again on the forum.  There may be some new features in the forum software too, but I really haven't explored them yet.