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Angel Figural Bulb


Hello, I am new to this forum. What a wealth of information on this site! I found this forum while looking for information on some bulbs I purchased at a sale. I had a great deal of trouble just trying to find out the proper name for the type of bulb I was looking for. After some digging, I believe the type of bulb I have is a figural bulb. It's shaped like an angel, it's 5 inches long, the person selling them said they were "vintage", I am not sure, they look very new to me. I have a few question, if some knowledgeable person could answer them, that would be great! I will try to post a picture for reference. Do they make reproduction figural bulbs? What would the age of this bulb be? What is the base size... C7? What voltage would this type of bulb operate on? AC or DC? I appreciate any info anyone can provide me with. Thanks in advance!

                                                                   Best regards, dbarron.



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