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Title: Greetings to All
Post by: Dennisen on October 24, 2019, 01:44:05 am
Just a quick self-intro. The names Dennis. Originally from the LA area but now calling Tokyo home.

The reason why Im here is that Im assembling a small museum of the prehistoric, ancient, innovative and artistic, called the Oolkay Museum. Id like to include an early Edison bulb as an exhibit, and with some regret, need a hand with direction and acquisition. Im still in the dark regarding pricing, condition, availability, reliable sources, and a good starting point, whether a book, a site (this looks like the place!), or an individual. I still need to explore this site to get a better grasp on the topic.

By the way, has anyone seen any Edison bulbs that were used to light the Columbia, and subsequently removed in 1895?

Thanks to all who found the time to read my swill. The very best to you all.