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Title: New member - Hello!
Post by: niby on January 27, 2019, 07:04:44 am
Hello all,

New member from Sweden here with a growing interest in antique and vintage electric lights, lamps and installations which sadly doesn't match my knowledge yet. So I'll mostly be here to learn and ask, which I hope is ok with you.

I have a question about his lamp - I didn't manage to upload any images so I have linked to them instead below - (the lamp isn't mine and I don't have it with me). It's said to be a mercury lamp - but nothing more than that is known about it. It comes in a case and can be wall mounted, has an electrical cable (with the plug cut off by someone).

What can be said about it? Uses, age, name, etc? Would be very exciting to know more.

Many, MANY thanks in advance and best wishes from the North (yes Winter has come!),