anyone know what this is?


I found this item at a local junk store and it has me stumped. In the pictures you see it laying on it face and then the front of it.  It is glass and appears to be completly mirrored on the inside. The face of it is about 6 inches across and it is about 3 inches to the top of the brass threaded nipple on the back. On the nipple there is a black plastic fitting that might be bakelite with a brass female socket on the inside and a tube coming off of it that appears to be for a wire. On the brass nipple of the bulb there is only the contact of the brass, no second contact like on the tip of a normal bulb. One last odd thing, the front is concaved about an inch. In the pictures the white stickers are price tags. Any help is much appreciated. My email is .  my email i registered with might be wrong. Any help will be very appreciated. I am going to post this in the bulb section also.


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