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Ken Rad (Kentucky Radio) branded lamps + Datecodes


Ben M:
Westinghouse bought the lamp division of Kentucky Radio (Ken Rad) in 1943 however they didn't start making lamps until later in the 1940's (1946 onwards? due to the ban on Mazda branded lamps? Or the end of WWII?).

The fluorescent lamps they made had bakelite endcaps and made them until around the 1960's (?)
They started making miniature t5 lamps (4,6,8w) in the late 1940's with bakelite endcaps and sometime in the early 1950's, they transitioned to aluminum endcaps.
All their t8 and t12 lamps had bakelite endcaps however other than endcap material and the lamp etch (4w t5 was changed to f4t5 in ~1960), I cannot find information on the datecodes of the lamps.

They have a series of dots around the USA - Mine has four dots on either side and one between the US and another between the SA so ....U.S.A....

Anyone know how to place a datecode on these lamps?


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