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New Book on Incandescent Lamp History


A new book 'Rays of Light' is about to be published by Ray Tye, one of the premier collectors of early incandescent lamps. I have had the great pleasure of knowing Ray for over 25 years, and the chance to study his world-class collection on several occasions. His career as an archivist provided unique access to a wealth of vintage materials, and an impeccable research methodology which is demonstrated by his deep knowledge of the technical, commercial and personal aspects behind the development of early incandescent light sources.

Retirement has provided the opportunity to document his vast knowledge, distilled into a 504-page hardback tome accompanied by 300 photographs and 118 illustrations. I have always admired Ray's fearless attitude to light his lamps, and this photographic record promises to present these artefacts in a way few of us are likely to have ever seen. Interlaced with stories of competition of the incandescent lamp with gaslight and developments in arc lighting, this would be a superb introduction for anyone interested in the history of the electric light - as well as a professional reference work to aid other enthusiasts.

A limited print run will take place in the next few weeks, and the cost is likely to be around GB £30-35. Ray is not interested in making a profit from his life's work, but would like to see it reach a wide audience of fellow lighting enthusiasts. His printers will send directly to anyone around the world for the cost of the postage.

If you wish to acquire one of these remarkable books, please reply to this thread and/or send a message with your name/address and I will pass this on to Ray. Do not delay, he needs to know ASAP what quantity to order at the printers!

Dear all,

The first 100 copies of Ray’s book have now been printed. Since there are about as many requests from people within the UK, those will be sent out first.

In the new year there will be a second run to cover the international orders, I believe the quantity for those is maybe not yet fixed and they could be still waiting for a few extra interested parties to reply.

The final cost of printing was £35 per book, and the cost of postage within UK is £3. I believe I have sent an individual message to each of you within UK providing his payment details, but if you did not receive it please let me know.


Chris W. Millinship:
How did I miss this? It sounds absolutely fascinating. I hope there is a spare copy available.

Message incoming....


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