WTD: Worn-Out Nixie Tubes


Alan Franzman:
You may have seen my earlier posts on buying/trading Nixie display tubes with digits over 2 inches (50mm) tall, or my other posts regarding the possibility to restore such tubes that have been blackened by long use or excessive current.

Though I am still seeking more of the large size Nixies, I now have sufficient information to begin experiments into the possibility of Nixie tube restoration.

For my experiments I need Nixie tubes that are no longer useful due to darkening (or silvering) of the glass, and/or failure to fully and reliably light one or more digits (up to and including complete failure to light at all.)  I can't use tubes having physical damage such as cracked or broken glass, or pins broken off.

Due to the nature of the work necessary, I only want tubes with digits 5/8 inch (15mm) tall or larger.

Anyone having such tubes is requested to contact me regarding donating or selling your Nixies to me.

If desired, I will pay reasonable shipping costs and a nominal price per tube depending on what you have to offer.

Please contact me by email.  See below for email address; replace words with punctuation as appropriate.


Alan "A.J." Franzman

Email: a.j.franzman at verizon dot net


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Hi Alan,

Please keep us posted on your results - this should be of considerable interest to anyone with dud neons, nixies or otherwise. I'd be happy to donate a dud figural neon glow light if you like. I suppose I should make certain first that the fault is with the bulb and not the wirewound dropping resistor which are sometimes known to frizzle in these old ones (the resistor is wound on the bulb's glass stem).

More later.....



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