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Vintage ge sausage heater

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The heater is from the 20s and works!, the cord has been replaced however, as the original is not safe, although I beleive I still have it. The bulbs are hard to find. The price of the heater with bulbs is $130, and the bulbs separately are $50 each. Price is negotiable.Trading is also a possibility. This heater works tremendously well, I find it is convenient to put under a desk facing you, it does not get too hot, but keeps your feet and legs warm in cold weather.
Nicholas K. Heinrich

Also, for further information, my email is
-Nicholas K. Heinrich

Hi Nicholas,

When I was more active on eBay a few years back, loose working bulbs were selling in the $35-$50 range though I haven't checked prices lately.  This is probably the most common radiant heater from this time period and I would value the whole thing at $75 or maybe slightly more if the finish is in really nice original condition.  I've seen some really nice elaborate examples of the 3 and 4 bulb heaters sell in the $250-$350 range in past years on eBay.  Just my opinion for what it's worth.  Maybe someone else would like to jump in here and comment.

Chris Kocsis:
Tim is right.  These show up fairly frequently and the bulbs have held their value at about $40-$50 on eBay (among collectors they go for about $25 each).  This appliance is called a luminous radiator.  Also fairly common on eBay is a GE three-bulb model that generally goes for $175-$250.  All the best, Chris

Both of the bulbs have sold, although the heater is still available for $20.00. Also, I found someone looking for the sausage typoe bulbs, does anyone have some they are willing to sell?


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