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Help Identify Street Lamps


I have been searching the internet in an attempt to figure out the name and age of the street lights that I have inherited from my father.  I was hoping to find someone that would be able to help me or point me in the right direction.  There are no marking on them.
If you recognize them or know of a resource that may help identify them I would really apprciate it.
Maybe for sale or trade if I can figure out what they are worth.
Mike Graychik

Nevada Willis:

This looks like it could be a Line Material luminaire with a Holophane prismatic refractor.  The ceramic body sure cries out Line Material.  You might find a Line Material logo stamped on it somewhere (LM inside a triangle inside a circle) or there might be some useful information on the refractor.  L-M markings show up in different places such as on the side of the refractor, sometimes down inside where it can only be read looking inside the refractor, or on the lip of the refractor where it seats against the reflector.

  Please let us know if you solve the mystery.


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