I need a way to make lots of tubes glow!


A friend of mine is making a senior thesis movie at my school, Wesleyan University, that I am doing tech design (of sorts) for.  He wants to have a wall/rackmount-ish interface that is a bunch of sockets that tubes can be plugged into, that will then light up and glow.  I was thinking about buying a tube tester for this purpose - could anyone tell me if these will indeed light up tubes?  Would there be a better way to accomplish this??

Thanks, Brendan

How many tubes do you intend to light at one time?  I assume you just want to light the filaments, right?  What kind of tubes?  There are a lot of variables to consider here ? filament voltages, current draw, etc. that all differ based on specific tube types.  You will want to research the tubes more to learn about their electrical characteristics, or at least required filament voltages.


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